Shopping for Little Humans

Shopping for clothes for a baby and a toddler must be some of the most fun you can have shopping. When they are past their toddler years, they start having an opinion on what they want to wear and by the time they hit their teenager years, I’m sure mommy has very little say in what they wear. This is at least how I remember things going when I was a teenager. Buying for myself is sometimes challenging since the pants are usually too short, my hips are too big, and a lot of other ‘made-up’ problems I have with my body. But shopping for my girls are so much fun. You have to look at the price tag but other than that, you can pick whatever you think is the cutest. If it doesn’t fit, you just take a larger size and think ‘goodness she is growing so fast’.

I love walking up and down in the mall shopping, I find it relaxing and I love seeing and feeling what I am buying. Although I always find a bit of time to go shopping, I’ve been quite busy juggling mom-life with everything else and free- time (to go shopping for fun) have become a rare commodity.  Thank goodness for online shopping! I was never a big fan but I’m now a convert; especially for kiddo clothing. You have a much wider variety of options, you can buy some nice local outfits or branch out and order from almost anywhere in the world. It’s also easier to find matching outfits for a 9 month old and a 3 year old (a recent struggle of mine).

My favorite stores to buy clothes for my kids include Woolworths, Naartjie and EarthChild, and guess what? they offer online shopping as well!

Some of my recent discovered websites include:

I have to admit though, I do not like to spend a fortune on baby clothes. They outgrow it so fast, the clothes usually don’t even have time to wear out. I often buy clothes at PEP, where they have good ‘staples’ and also really cute outfits but more importantly they have unbeatable prices.
My almost 3 year old has been wearing her clothes for longer periods (even 2 seasons). This means I can justify spending a bit more on quality. And what is the best way to afford quality… SALES!!! I find it hard to contain myself in an ‘end of season’ sale. I usually buy a size bigger for the next season

I would love to get your opinions or shopping suggestions.

Mommies, where do you shop? online or in-store? Do you buy local? Do you try to find the cheapest option?





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