Peppa Pig Party

We had a little Peppa Pig party for our girl’s 2nd birthday. Even though it wasn’t a big party (I was 8 months pregnant at the time and my energy levels were a bit low), I still enjoyed putting together some DIY things for a Peppa theme. Pinterest is always a great place to get your thoughts running for a party. I got adorable printables from The Purple Pumpkin blog:

Below are photos of some of the details. We might have to throw another Peppa theme party; not only was it a fun theme but I still have plenty of other ideas. And she still LOVES Peppa.

peppa koek.jpeg
Her grandpa made her a Peppa pig cake (what a cool ‘grampa-ig’, right!)

I made a backdrop using a blue plastic tablecloth (the really cheap kind), and cut the house, sun and clouds from coloured cardboard I bought at our hobby shop.


Backdrop with Peppa’s house


For George’s dinosaur juice, I just mixed berry juice, sprite and soda water (to dilute the sugar). Dinosaur, grrr!!

Dinosaur Juice
Mr Potato’s Crisps

To make a duck pond, I used blue jello (who knew you can get blue jelly… I never did) and we have some of these ice ducks for drinks. I waited for the jelly to set slightly before putting the ducks in place. Kids love jello, so if you are expecting more kids, make multiple ponds!

The Duck Pond

I made a batch of ooey gooey chocolate cookies for muddy puddles. I decided dark chocolate cookies kind of look like muddy puddles. Don’t you think?

Muddy Puddles chocolate cookies
Peppa’s house background

These Peppa pig’s cookies were fun to make and so easy. You just need Marie biscuits (or GOYA’s Maria cookies), some icing (icing sugar & water), marshmallows and Smarties… and voila! you can put together some piggies.

Peppa’s cookies




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